Reinhold Haart Ohligsberg Riesling Spätlese 2010 (10 Fl.)

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LOT L1108
Inhalt 0,75l
Füllstand high fill
Zustand der Kapsel Gut – geringfügige Mängel
Zustand des Etiketts Befriedigend – leichte Beschädigung, wie leichte Flecken, Verschmutzung, Blässe
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Parker: The Haart 2010 Wintricher Ohligsberg Riesling Spatlese contains a mere 7% alcohol, its high must weight and early petering-out of fermentation both in large part attributable to botrytis. Eleven grams of finished acidity are in a tense stand-off here with 100 grams of residual sugar. Candied apple, candied lime zest, tart lime juice and honey manage to be both quickening and luscious, not to mention persistent. This ought to be fascinating to revisit in a few years, and I suspect that it will remain resilient for the better part of two decades.


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Herkunftsland Deutschland
Winzer Reinhold Haart
Wein Wintricher Ohligsberg Riesling Spätlese
Rebsorte Riesling
Alkoholgehalt 7,0%
Allergene Enthält Sulfite