Marcel Deiss Altenberg de Bergheim 2007 in 6er Holzkiste

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Verpackung Holzkiste
Beurteilungen Parker: 93/100
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Parker: From another site Deiss has planted with the entire range of Alsace cepages, his 2007 Altenberg de Bergheim smells ‘multifariously of gentian, lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope, mint, lavender, citrus oils, and quince preserves. Buoyant, glycerin-rich, and creamy on the palate, it suggests a suffusion of alkaline and chalky minerality that – along with the essences of flowers and herbs – gives this a metaphorically cool, soothing length. Here is a case of truly noble botrytis, responsible for a remarkable sort of concentration but leaving behind no coarse or obvious calling cards. It is also a case of a 2007 more serene and less charged with energy than its 2006 counterpart, but it would be fascinating to compare their very different personalities at subsequent stages of evolution. This should be worth following for at least 15 years. 93/100


Mehr Informationen
Herkunftsland Frankreich
Region Elsass
Winzer Marcel Deiss
Wein Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru
Jahrgang 2007
Rebsorte Diverse Autochtone Rebsorten
Alkoholgehalt 12,0% vol.
Allergene Enthält Sulfite