Klaus Peter Keller Riesling Pettenthal Auslese 2016

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Verpackung lose
Beurteilungen Galloni: 99/100
Suckling: 97/100
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Galloni: This Auslese certainly reflects Keller’s stated ideal to “have some light, really clean botrytis, mixed with healthy berries, and not something with Eiswein-like acids, so that you can really enjoy drinking it for an hour.” The clarity, concentration and persistence on display here are truly noteworthy. Orange, tangerine and lime contribute pungent bittersweetness as well as brightly animating primary juiciness, while a lacing of spearmint, bergamot and fennel pollen serves to heighten the aromatic allure and lend a delightfully cooling layer to the polished, subtly creamy palate. The finish erupts with flavor, revealing through its fruit intensity an array of stony, smoky and mouthwateringly saline notes. The combination here of textural richness with brightness and of tenderness of touch and cooling herbal suffusion on the palate with almost violently vibrant finishing intensity is quite remarkable. “I got goosebumps when I saw these grapes,” remarked Keller. So will anyone lucky enough to taste the resulting wine. Nor could I disagree when he added, “This is in a class by itself.” It’s certainly the finest nobly sweet Keller wine I have tasted. Too bad there were only 200 bottles. 99/100

Suckling: If you're not looking for raw power this is the wrong wine, but if you want vitality, minerality and complexity this is the wine for you. You could drink it now and it's already delicious, but this will grow and grow over the years and decades. 97/100


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Herkunftsland Deutschland
Winzer Klaus Peter Keller
Wein Nierstein Pettenthal Auslese
Rebsorte Riesling 100%
Alkoholgehalt 7,5%