Klaus Peter Keller Riesling Hubacker GG 2005

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LOT L1152
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Füllstand high fill
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Beurteilungen Galloni: 93/100
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Galloni: Pale yellow with a green reflection. Subtle aromas of white peach, sweet lime and persimmon. The crisp, clean structure of this wine belies the sheer weight of its invigorating, ethereal fruit.A fine smoky, salty minerality extends the elegant finish. This is the best-balanced and most feminine of the estate's dry rieslings and the one that drinks the best in its youth.For many, it would receive the top marks, and indeed it is one of the best dry rieslings of the vintage. 93/100


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Region Rheinhessen
Winzer Klaus Peter Keller
Jahrgang 2005
Wein Riesling Hubacker Großes Gewächs
Rebsorte Riesling 100%
Alkoholgehalt 13,0%
Allergene Enthält Sulfite