Klaus Peter Keller Riesling Abtserde GG 2015

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LOT L1222
Inhalt 0,75l
Füllstand high fill
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Verpackung lose
Beurteilungen Lobenberg: 100/100
Parker: 95-97/100
Galloni: 96/100
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Lobenberg: Extrem ausdrucksstarke, dichte Frucht. Sehr viel breite Schultern und Muskeln, aber kein Fett. Feinheit, tänzelnd. Langer, dichter und extrem feiner Stoff. Grandiose Länge, aber die Säure ist dermaßen harmonisch, dass dieser Stoff von Beginn an trinkbar ist. Alles passt, eine große Harmonie. Zwar nicht ganz so fein wie das Kirchspiel und nicht so laut und rubenshaft wie der Hubacker, sondern eine traumhaft balancierte Finesse dazwischen. Einfach ein großer, sehr stimmiger Riesling. Ohne Menge, wie schade für uns. 100/100

Parker: The 2015 Westhofen Riesling Trocken GG Abts E (abbreviated as "Abts E" since Abtserde isn't an official vineyard name) opens very clear, pure, delicate and fresh, but also concentrated (with grapefruit flavors!) and very mineral on the nose. This is a picture-book Riesling from (very active) limestone soils, where the terroir dominates the variety, at least on the nose. On the palate, this is a rich and powerful, silky textured, juicy and yet still concentrated and tightly woven wine. It has great intensity and minerality of stones, rocks and salt. It needs a lot of time to receive the finesse and purity of the mind-blowing Morstein, though. 95-97/100

Galloni: As usual, on the nose this bottling displays a dazzling, almost dizzying array of floral, herbal and mineral elements suggesting an alliance of sea breeze with an expansive spring meadow. Vividly fresh, brightly juicy lime and white peach are lusciously deployed on a buoyant, silken-textured palate. This doesn’t wear its tiny-berried concentration on its sleeve in the manner of so many piquantly gripping and austerely stony Wonnegau Grosse Gewächse. Instead, lime seed and chalk are adeptly integrated into a vibrant, coolingly herb-tinged, persistently floral, mouthwateringly saline and consummately refreshing performance. With its uncanny combination of poise and energy, it’s as if this wine were saying, “Let others engage in heavy lifting, futilely attempting to keep up with me on the dance floor.” 96/100


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Herkunftsland Deutschland
Winzer Klaus Peter Keller
Wein Riesling Abtserde Großes Gewächs
Rebsorte Riesling 100%
Alkoholgehalt 13,0%