Emrich Schönleber Riesling Halenberg Großes Gewächs 2008 (4 Fl.)

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LOT L948
Inhalt 0,75l
Füllstand high fill
Zustand der Kapsel Gut – geringfügige Mängel
Zustand des Etiketts Gut – geringfügige Mängel, höchstens leichte Altersspuren
Verpackung lose
Beurteilungen Parker: 94/100
Galloni: 95/100
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Parker: Intriguingly saline, marine and crustacean notes rise from the glass of Schonleber 2008 Monzinger Halenberg Riesling Grosses Gewachs and continue throughout. Chablis-like chicken stock and shellfish reduction combine with red currant, sour cherry, lime, and grapefruit on a tart yet luscious, glossily-textured yet refreshing palate The superbly satisfying and stimulating finish offers a dynamic exchange between the wine’s saline, animal savor and its bright citrus, accompanied by suggestions of nut oils and hints of fruit pit bitterness. This energetic and multi-dimensional Halenberg should be worth following for more than a decade. 94/100

Galloni: Spiced pear, sweet herbs and nut oils dominate the nose. Dense, silky tropical fruit flavors are elegantly balanced by salty minerality on the palate. Crisp, pure and savory, finishing sophisticated and very long. One of the finest dry rieslings of the vintage. 95/100


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Herkunftsland Deutschland
Winzer Emrich Schönleber
Wein Riesling Halenberg Großes Gewächs
Rebsorte Riesling 100%
Alkoholgehalt 12,5%