Emrich Schönleber Frühlingsplätzchen Spätlese 2008 (2 Fl.)

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Zustand des Etiketts Gut – geringfügige Mängel, höchstens leichte Altersspuren
Verpackung lose
Beurteilungen Parker: 95/100
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Parker: The Schonleber 2008 Monzinger Fruhlingsplatzchen Riesling Spatlese comes largely from some upper-sections of that site, due at least in part to a case of man-influenced terroir: A lot more fine particulate matter was deposited here in connection with roadwork, which led to more moisture retention and higher botrytis incidence (normally favoring lower-lying sections), thus rendering the grapes most suitable for residually sweet wine. In fact, “suitable” hardly does justice to what we have here, and which also incorporates 200 evidently amazingly efficacious liters from the Rutsch (“slide” – which says it all!) vineyard that the Schonlebers decided represented too little wine to bottle separately. Cherry, almond extract, heliotrope, rowan, and honeysuckle rise alluringly and trance-inducingly from the glass; a creamy mixture of pear nectar, honey, vanilla, and cherry preserves fondles the palate; yet this displays the epitome of Riesling refreshment and transparence in a finish of spectacular perspicuity, with saline, stony and crystalline mineral suggestions shimmering through folds of fruit (including bright fresh lime) and wafting floral perfume. This impeccably-balanced Spatlese should age magnificently for two or more decades, and I can only second Schonleber’s own comments in that regard: This sort of balance – namely not only delicate but delicate in its sense of sweetness – makes for more pleasure in drinking it early, but also for better aging. And it hardly needs stating that this is a sensational value which – were it a dry wine – would be a significantly more expensive Grosses Gewachs. 95/100


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Herkunftsland Deutschland
Winzer Emrich Schönleber
Wein Frühlingsplätzchen Spätlese
Alkoholgehalt 9,0%